Giant Blast vs. Traditional Energy Shots – The Future of Convenient, On-The-Go Energy

on February 27, 2024

With how fast everything moves these days, everyone could use a little boost. Whether it's morning coffee or slamming an energy drink or shot for a pick-me-up, the majority of people use some sort of caffeine source to help get them through the day. But how convenient are these options? How much are we spending without even realizing it? Here at Giant Edg3, we love caffeine as much as the next person, but wanted to do something different. 

Sure, we could've jumped into the energy drink or energy shot market and used our in-house flavor technology to come out with something that a lot of brands are doing. But we wanted something truly unique, truly convenient, and cost effective.

Let's face it - everything is getting more expensive and your favorite canned drinks and shots are no different. Even when they're on sale, you're still dropping $2.50 to $3 per drink (and most times, you're looking at around $3.49 up to $5 per drink). If you do that Monday through Friday, you're spending anywhere from $50 to $80 just on Energy Drinks / Shots. 

You could go with a powdered mix, but it's not exactly convenient and you can't find those options in the grab-and-go section of your local convenience store. Those options will still run you upwards of $30. That's where Giant Blast® comes in. 

What is 'Giant Blast®'? 

Giant Blast® from Giant Edg3 is the most convenient energy shot ever created. Protected under 2 US Patents, Giant Blast® provides efficacious doses of proven ingredients to provide a quick burst of energy on the go, before a workout or any occasion. Whether it's in your wallet, pocket, purse, or snugly tucked into your phone case, a single blast packet can effortlessly find a place to fit!

Each Serving of Giant Blast® is delivered in a convenient 3ml packet. When you need a kick, just Hold, Fold, and Blast.

The patented V-Shape packet can be opened with 1 hand, taken anywhere and provides a more immediate energy boost than traditional 2-3oz Energy Shots or 12 to 16oz Energy Drinks while providing the same amount of active ingredients.
  • HydroGlycerine - Patented form of Glycerol that helps support cellular hydration and endurance during a workout.

  • Caffeine - 200mg of Caffeine for a quick burst of energy when you need it most*.

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine & Huperzine - Balanced Nootropic combination to help support focus and keep you going through the day, a workout, or any activity*.


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Why we created Giant Blast   

Since the establishment of Giant Sports in 2012, we can agree that the sports nutrition market has evolved tremendously. Sports nutrition is not exclusively geared toward hard-core bodybuilders anymore. The sports nutrition category of active and lifestyle nutrition has become a responsive approach to todays fitness culture. Rather than focusing on traditional flavor collaborations or higher stim products, our outlook for this product focused on consumer lifestyle and convenience. Not only is sports nutrition evolving, but so are our every day lives- we often ask ourselves, "Where did the time go". Our goal for creating Giant Blast was to deliver a one of a kind, convenient on-the-go energy burst never seen before. 

How to use Giant Blast 

Giant Blast is designed with convenience and user-friendly technology in mind. Hold the packet at your fingertips with the crease facing upwards. Position the creased dispenser near your mouth and gently bend the blast packet backward. Proceed to either squeeze or suck out the remaining contents of the packet.

Giant Blast Packets Vs. Leading Energy Products

Giant Blast is a breakthrough in super-concentrated energy convenience technology as the most convenient energy supplement. Giant Blast comes in a 2X2 inch square pouch containing 3ml of liquid that delivers the main ingredients found within a leading 2oz energy shot or leading 16 oz energy drink. Forget having to haul a 12 pack of energy drinks into the fridge, Giant Blast can fit & go anywhere - in a gym bag, wallet, purse, or pocket.  

Traditional energy drinks are notorious for their high sugar content. While these tasty drinks provide a temporary energy boost, they may contribute to long-term health issues. No longer burdened by the guilt of indulging in excess sugar, Giant Blast delivers the same amount of caffeine without added sugars.

At your local convenience store, you can find you favorite energy drink to cost anywhere between $3-$5 per can or bottle. Giant Blast is not only more convenient, but also more cost effective - Saving you the hassle of being late to work or getting off a different exit just to run into the nearest gas station. 

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Is Giant Blast a pre-workout?

Giant Blast is an on-the-go energy shot that can provide you with a quick boost whenever you need it. While it contains HydroGlycerine and caffeine and can indeed be used before a workout, it's important to note that it's not exclusively meant for pre-workout use. It's versatile and can be used anytime, anywhere you need an extra surge of energy.

Does Giant Blast have any beta-alanine? 

No, Giant Blast does not include any beta-alanine in its formulation. Because it lacks beta-alanine, Giant Blast can be utilized at any time and in any place. The call out ingredients in Giant Blast include: HydroGlycerine, Caffeine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine & Huperzine. 

How long does the energy boost from Giant Blast typically last?

The impact of energy supplements containing caffeine can vary from person to person. Several factors, such as regular caffeine intake, diet, weight, and others, can influence the duration and intensity of caffeine effects. Generally, these effects may persist for approximately 3-5 hours after consumption. It's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about trying a new dietary supplement.

Is Giant Blast recommended for daily use, or should it be used sparingly?

You can certainly use Giant Blast on a regular basis. In fact, we've specifically designed this product to be utilized anytime and anywhere.

Can Giant Blast be consumed with other beverages or supplements?

Giant Blast can be consumed independently or squeezed into a drink or glass of water. The choice is yours – some consumers prefer taking the blast on its own, while others opt to mix it into a flavored drink.