Giant Performance Edge3 Series represents the Future of Giant Sports International as a commitment to be true to the values established in the past as we continue to grow and move forward. Over the years, we’ve been committed to being on the bleeding edge of Nutritional Innovation with products such as Dexamine®, Thyrotwin®, and our signature Delicious Protein®. Our passion has always been Sports Nutrition, and now, we’re focused on bringing back our Sports Nutrition Division in line with all of the core principles that have allowed us to expand over the last 11 Years.

Us Throughout The Years

In 2023, we wanted to get back to our roots and focus on providing value in a space that we’ve been in over for over a decade while still building on the pillars we established as a Company and Brand. Over the last Decade, we’ve worked to develop our World-Renowned Flavor Systems and will continue to hold our products flavor systems to the same lofty standards as we always have.

In addition to our flavor systems, Giant Sports® has always strived to put together quality formulas using quality ingredients to provide premium sports supplements. From our Metabolic Bioshock® Pre Workout all the way through to our Keto Cheesecake® and Edg3 Series Products, Quality and Innovation are always at the forefront. All Giant Sports® Supplements are manufactured in a 3rd Party GMP Certified, FDA Registered Facility in the United States with over 20 Years of Nutritional Manufacturing Experience. We believe in using quality ingredients and formulas centered on supporting performance with each formula undergoing rigorous testing during development and upon production to ensure quality and transparency.