BUNDLE - Giant Blast and Pump Stack
BUNDLE - Giant Blast and Pump Stack

    BUNDLE - Giant Blast and Pump Stack

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    • 1 GIANT EDG3 Giant Blast 

    • 1 GIANT EDG3 PUMP 

    • Stack & Save Over 20% Off Standard Retail Pricing 

    Giant Blast® from Giant Edg3 Series is the most convenient pre-workout and energy drink ever created. Protected under 2 US Patents, Giant Blast® provides efficacious doses of proven ingredients to provide a quick burst of energy on the go, before a workout or any occasion.

    • HydroGlycerine - Patented form of Glycerol that helps support cellular hydration and endurance during a workout.
    • Caffeine - 200mg of Caffeine for a quick burst of energy when you need it most*.
    • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine & Huperzine - Balanced Nootropic combination to help support focus and keep you going through the day, a workout, or any activity*.

    For Reference – Our Patented 3ml Serving of Giant Blast is:

    • 19.7x  More Concentrated than the Leading 2oz Energy Shot
    • 157.7x  More Concentrated than the Leading 16oz Energy Drink

    Each Serving of Giant Blast® is delivered in a convenient 3ml packet. When you need a kick, just Hold, Fold and Shoot:

    1. Fold the Packet up so that the Seam on the back opens - The Packet will look like a V and the Spout will open.
    2. Drink from the spout and Enjoy.

    Giant PUMP: 

    Back in 2014, we released the Original Giant Pump® - One of the most popular products of its time that made its name on providing insane pumps and endurance along with being free of Caffeine, Stimulants and the Flexibility to be added to your favorite Pre Workout. 

    In 2023 - We're bringing back Giant Pump in a Big way while staying true to the principles that have helped Giant Sports grow for the last Decade - Potent Ingredients, Effective Doses, and No BS. 

    That's why Giant Pump® is the Perfect Addition to Any Pre Workout and Perfect for those looking for a top-flight Pre Workout without Stimulants. Featuring a Full Dose of Patented 3D Pump-Breakthrough® - Giant Pump® Can help you maximize every workout and help support massive pumps. 

    What is 3D Pump-Breakthrough®?

    3D Pump Breakthrough® is a revolutionary, patented combination of L-Citrulline, Glycerol (high yield), and a standardized extract of Amla Fruit to help support pumps and endurance during training by utilizing complementary pathways. 

     L-Citrulline - Amino Acid that helps support Nitric Oxide production and blood flow.*

    Glycerol - Helps support cellular hydration.* 

    Alma Fruit  - Helps to supprot Nitric Oxide production and blood flow form a different pathway than L-Citrulline along with having antioxidant properties.*

    Each Serving  of Giant Pump® contains a Full 6 grams of 3D Pump Breakthrough® and can be taken by itself or added to Any Preworkout to help Maximize your Workouts.