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Contest Rules

To participate you will need to follow these instructions

1. You will need order your FREE sample of Giant Blast. The product itself will be for free. You will need to pay a small $2.99 shipping and handling fee.

2. Once you receive your sample of Giant Blast you will need to create a video and post it on Instagram and/or TikTok. Feel free to add it to any of your other social channels. Your content will include either unboxing or showcasing it in an active environment (gym, before a run, before work, etc.). In every video submission we encourage you to ingest the Giant Blast shot. Comment on any immediate energy.

3. You will need to fill out the form below on this page and enter the URL of your video. If you submit your video before the October 20th 11:59 EST you will be entered in to win $2500 CASH!

4. We will send you a couple samples. We encourage you to take one before the video. If you happen to be speaking in the video you can describe the pump and experience you have with Giant Blast.

5. Alternatively you can fill out the form below to enter. However, we encourage you to participate in our product launch of Giant Blast.

****There needs to be a minimum of 250 participants for us to release the prizes

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