How to Blast with Giant Blast


Fold your packet of Giant Blast® in half along the hinge. You’ll see the pack fold cleanly along the seam and the mouthpiece. Once you hear a “pop” it’s open and ready


Use the mouthpiece (don’t be afraid to bite on the opening seam if needed) to shoot Giant Blast®. Squeeze and make sure you’ve got a full serving out of the packet.


You’ll feel Giant Blast® start to take effect fairly quickly, especially on an empty stomach. Most users start to feel the effects after about 5-10 minutes.


Innovation is hard to come by in the Sports Nutrition and Energy Categories. But with Giant Blast we wanted to deliver something truly different and unique. We asked ourselves – How can Convenient, On the Go Energy get….well, MORE Convenient? Drinks and Shots are convenient, but we knew we could make it just a bit easier and kick in just a bit faster. Plus, we figured better to use the 2 Patents we had laying around than to not.

How is Giant Blast® More Convenient? Try fitting 12 of the leading Energy Shots in your Pocket or even 2 of the leading 16oz Energy Drinks. Try taking Giant Blast through airport security (it’s 3mL so it clears). It’s ok, we’ll wait.

Is it really any “better” than traditional energy products?

With 2g of HydroGlycerine® to help with cellular hydration, plus N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine & Huperzine, Giant Blast® is a complete energy product that can also be used to help support performance.*

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There is Never a bad time to

Giant Blast Methods of Use
Giant Blast Methods of Use

ON THE GO ENERGY in 3 Delicious Flavors

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Giant Blast is a convenient, on the go energy formula, providing the same amount of active ingredients as a typical energy drink or shot in only a 2ml serving size. Great tasting, contains Glycerol for endurance and hydration. Nootropics for focus.